Key Stage 1: Endless Discoveries

Year 1 & Year 2

Key Stage 1 is composed of 2 classes.

In Year 1 & 2, the emphasis is on learning to read in French. The alphabetic principle is identical to the English alphabet, the children quickly reach a good level of reading / writing in this language from Key Stage 2.

The basic subjects (French/Mathematics) are taught in the morning in French. In the afternoon, it is the subjects of discoveries of the World, Arts and sport which are in English.

This very structured division allows your child to acquire the skills expected by National Education while progressing in English.

Sample Timetable...

And on Wednesday, it's FunNiS'Club* !

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“I obtained my school teacher certificate in 2007. After 12 years in public education, I joined NIS in 2019. Thanks to the small number of students in a class and the implemented early learning of languages, I have rediscovered the true values of my job.”

School Teacher / Head of school

“After an international career, I obtained the School Teacher certificate in 2006. As a referent teacher in English within the National Education, I followed the training of international programs. Key Stage 3 is the ideal period to optimize language acquisition. We make the most infamous phonic ear. The « Cambridge after school » module also exploits this at a higher level.”


Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 & 6.

In the Key Stage 3 classes, English / French alternation takes place according to the subjects being taught. The wide range of concepts covered allows the lexicon to increase rapidly.

An initiation to Spanish is offered in a fun way, at this age children can ease into a new language.

With 17 nationalities, the cultural and linguistic diversity of the of our students offers an exceptional awareness of the world.


Sample Timetable...

" At four, it's CAMBRIDGE Time* ! "

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