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The NIS Early Years class welcomes chidren from the age of two and a half, TPS (Youngest Section) to GS (Oldest Section) up to the age of six. Everything is done to welcome children in an environment adapted to meet the objectives of the intellectual, sensory and emotional development of each child. We are committed to help children develop their independence, self-confidence and the enduring pleasure of learning.

Our teaching respects the National Education programs, with English as the main language in most lessons, the only exception is our approach to reading which favors French. The referent teacher, Ruvimbo GOVERA is a native English speaker.

Learning of both languages in Reception happens naturally, thanks to daily interactions, games and rituals designed and implemented by teaching professionals.

After the first meeting, we work together to understand your child's specific needs regarding personal rhythm, transitional objects and habits, this information is important and allows your child to have a peaceful adaptation to the new environment.

Cleanliness is not a restraint for admission and is considered part of learning.

Children are supervised by a team that knows how to support and reassure them, keeping in mind the importance of this transition.

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Ruvimbo GOVERA

“I grew up Between Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom, most of my schooling was in England where I also went to University. After many years of travelling, learning and living, I fell in love with everything French! At NIS since 2020 and learning is still magical.”

Virginia MOLINA

“I was born in Spain where I obtained a foreign language teaching diploma, I joined the adventures of the international school as soon as it opened in 2018. I always have time for hugs and reassuring words for my darlings.”

Typical day in reception

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