French as a foreign language


Allophone children

2 groups of levels are offered to students from upper Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4:. :

  • Beginners group: for new arrivals who have practiced French a little or not at all. The key is quickly giving and teaching ways to express “primary” needs. Then, through staging, the student learns the specific lexicon related to a situation of everyday life and gains confidence by repeating the standard sentences and therefore quickly invests in the work. Priority is given to the oral. The readings done by the teacher at first give rise to discussions on the meaning and the interference with the mother tongues of the pupils.

  • Deepening group: for students who have already had 1 year of FLE or for those who already have a little command of oral French. The grammatical and orthographic notions of the French language are approached in a playful way with adapted and manipulable supports. The reading and the voice of short texts make it possible to increase the lexicon and to reinforce the phonological aspects of the French language.