Secondary School

OBJECTIVE GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education)

Key Stage 3/4

NIS Secondary is a section that is welcoming and flourishing. Pupils are divided into 2 sections: Year 7/ 8 in one class, Year 9 / 10 in the other.

The timetables are evenly spread out over 4 days, allowing those who wish to optimize their language level to register with the Cambridge & TeenNiS’ Club. Cambridge & TeenNiS’ Club.

The subjects are taught in the mother tongue of the teachers, namely in English for scientific education (mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry and technology) and in French for humanistic culture (literature, history, arts)

At the end of Key Stage 4, the national examination for the Brevet takes place in French, the final test is based on 4 subjects. This is essential as it allows for regular and sustained work, this a exam is a stepping stone towards success for future Baccalaureate or University examinations.

The NIS team aims to assist each student to reach their highest potential while ensuring their well-being.

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