Get more English

Courses and preparation for exams, every school day, from 4:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. in the premises of Narbonne International School.

English-speaking NIS teachers accompany children of all levels and all audiences (open to outsiders) from upper Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4.After a brief exam or according to previous results attesting to a CEFR level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), the student is placed in level group. In Secondary, these courses are supplemented by 3 hours of English at the TeenNiS'Club on Wednesday mornings, to practice and experience the language in situation. For the youngest, the Wednesday FunNiS'Club (optional) also exists !

A step-by-step approach aligned with the CEFR and the National Education curriculum.


Cambridge English certificates

  • The content (texts, audios, etc.) comes from authentic documents
  • The exercises are based on everyday situations
  • All skills are worked on (written and oral expression and comprehension)
  • All varieties of English are accepted (British, American, Indian, etc.)
  • Playing materials stimulate the child
  • Children are motivated in their learning by small exams
  • All candidates receive a certificate (from 1 to 5 coats of arms depending on success)
  • Des compétences de communication réelles qui peuvent être utilisées dans la vie quotidienne, les voyages, les études et le travail
  • Des thèmes et des exercices adaptés aux intérêts et aux expériences des apprenants d’âge scolaire et sur le chemin de l’enseignement supérieur
  • Une gamme complète de matériel d’apprentissage pour les apprenants
  • La préparation aux examens est un moyen idéal pour les étudiants de prendre confiance en eux et de mesurer leurs progrès

The reference

This scale is used in all exams to provide detailed results which serve as a reference for admission to universities and/or for students wishing to continue their studies abroad.


Recognition of the Cambridge diploma

The exam takes place directly at the school or at the Toulouse-Blagnac exam center depending on the level presented.

 With the results of the exam, you will receive detailed feedback on your child's performance, with information on their level:

  • General language level
  • Level in each language skill.