Practical Life


Lunchtime catering

It is in the familiar and reassuring setting of school that children take a well-deserved break. Teachers and assistants take turns to serve them. Meals are delivered daily by API Restauration, a local caterer that promotes organic and regional products. The menus are classic, without pork or vegetarian. Children who wish can also bring their Lunch-Box, a meal prepared at home, which they can eat with friends. A moment of conviviality appreciated by all!

Exemple de menu

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Menus scolaire s1 à 7 2022- 4 jours bio février
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Calendrier 2021 - 2022

A noter également les jours fériés hors vacances scolaires : Jeudi 11 novembre, lundi 18 avril, et lundi 6 juin.

Calendrier 2022 - 2023

A noter également les jours fériés hors vacances scolaires : Vendredi 11 novembre, lundi 10 avril et lundi 29 mai.


Health guidelines

Like all schools, the school complied with government protocols during the COVID crisis. Masks, barrier gestures and hydroalcoholic gel have appeared in everyone’s daily life. Regular hand washing and simple hygiene rules were already obvious to us. Making everyone understand the respect of a collective discipline in the interest of all has become daily routine. Learning to live in society begins, of course, with respect for the rules and the Law.

To emphasize the importance of regular ventilation of the premises, the school has equipped each classroom with CO2 detectors.

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